Vision Story


Dawn Scott Damon
Co-Pastor, Vision Architect

In 2006, after an intense season of prayer a small group of dreamers was given a vision of a ministry named Tribes Church. It was to be part of a world changing movement where people from every social sector would leverage their unique talents and abilities. Breaking the barriers of race, generation, and class, Tribes Church was to be catalytic fusion of humanity deeply in love with Jesus and His mission to redeem our city. Not limiting ministry to the physical church building but inspiring Christ followers to bring the ministry of Jesus to the marketplace.

The Vision of Tribes was not just for people to simply attend church, but to be the church, transforming Grand Rapidians into passionately engaged followers of Jesus. God has placed within each of us gifts, passions, and abilities to build the church and bring the kingdom. Though the vision burned bright, the doors and details didn’t come together to make the dream a reality.

But in 2013, God revived the dream and released divine favor that the dream of Tribes Church would finally come true. With unique church/entrepreneurial/marketplace/artistic partnerships, Tribes Church is scheduled to launch in the downtown core of Grand Rapids, Michigan in fall of 2014.

To learn more about the heart of our church, please check out our site or come to our next vision gathering as we express how we are beginning to live out some of our Tribes Church vision and values.

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