Not Feeling The Thrill

Not Feeling The Thrill

Not Feeling The Thrill

Today while encouraging a young adult (I’ll call him Sam) to achieve some independence—based on the theory that more responsibility would empower him—Sam stiffened his back and exclaimed, “I’m not feeing the thrill!”

His retort made me chuckle, and his reluctance—more like dread—to take on new levels of responsibility became clear. But I persisted with the assignment because I knew it was good—and healthy—for him.

Sam’s lack of motivation for the entrusted task hinted on laziness. I was undaunted, however, determined to trudge through the project details with him because I was convinced Sam could do the job, and do it well. I also persisted because I noted that his lack of enthusiasm was not due to an internal sloth, but rather, he was fearful—truly anxious over the unfamiliar.

“I don’t like being forced to take responsibility,” Sam bemoaned.

“I understand your hesitancy,” I assured him. “I am, however, not forcing you to take responsibility, rather, I am equipping you to handle what life is forcing upon you. This is called being an adult.”

We plodded through like laden lumberjacks, but I got the assignment delegated and organized, complete with deadlines and Sam took ahold of the project with a new confidence.

What happened next bolstered my heart.

Sam transformed. He became outgoing, chatting about this and that. He offered to carry out the recyclables. Next he sat down beside me and asked for other dates to put in his calendar. Soon, Sam had committed to 2 other projects. He hovered near by for several minutes, casually talking about various things. Finally, he was ready to head out. Sam clutched his backpack, said goodbye, and scurried out the front door. Seconds later, he reappeared.

“Oops, what ya forget?” I queried.

Sam entered the room, his hands fidgeting with his coat.

“So, I just want to say thanks for helping me get some things together,” Sam picked the lint off his coat as he continued, “That was really helpful.”

“I’m happy to do it,” I said nonchalant, controlling my excitement.

Once again, Sam spun around on his heels and headed out the door, whistling as he went.

He may not have been feeling the thrill when the heavy lifting started, but once he was equipped and encouraged, I wasn’t the only one believing he could do the job—Sam believed in himself too.

God Believes in You

I wonder what we could all do if we realized God, our Heavenly Father, is nudging us to believe in ourselves—the way He believes in us.

Inside of you and me are the seeds of greatness. God has not made us to be average. Instead, he has important and life-changing assignments for us to accomplish.
But so often fears—fear of failure, fear of success, fear of inadequacies, fear of embarrassment, and others—keep us from believing and pursuing the bigger call of God. We settle for the mediocre, the mundane, and the easy.

As a result, many of us don’t feel very satisfied with life. We are caught in the lacklustre of the daily grind. Simply put, we aren’t “feeling the thrill.”

But what if I told you that we could view some of life’s pressures as our opportunity? Perhaps God is calling us out of the dull into the thrill by pushing us to become more equipped. I’ve discovered that often life’s problems force us to find solutions. Solution-finding people become empowered and successful while problem-identifying people remain victims.

Trials and struggles in life aren’t fun, and certainly aren’t what we would choose. But when problems come, choosing of another kind is ours to do—the choice to win or lose must be made.

We may not be feeling the thrill of the circumstances, but when we overcome our fear and face them, we will feel the thrill of victory.

Someone may say, “Well, I prefer the comfort zone.”

Maybe. But what if I were to rename the comfort zone with a name that describes what it actually is? I wonder if they would be content in the “conformity zone” or the “adapted-to-mediocre-zone,” or the “I-settled-zone”? Perhaps the “high comfort, low-effective zone” would suit them better.

I’m not sure there is true and lasting fulfillment in the comfort zone. I’d rather be nudged out and experience a holy agitation than false comfort and find myself in the thrill of God’s amazing and world-changing plan.

How about you?

Today is your day to break out of the conform zone, and take a step of faith into your future.
C’mon. Feel the Thrill!

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