For Freedom’s Sake

For Freedom’s Sake

For Freedom’s Sake

I didn’t recognize the address of the email, but the subject line intrigued me, “Is there ever freedom? Really?” I was perplexed — and saddened — as I read the despairing words typed from the disillusioned writer:
“I’m a survivor of sexual abuse, I was abused by my father when I was 11. When I was 26 I was raped. I pray a lot, but nothing changes, I am filled with fear, pain, and depression. Is there ever freedom? Really?”

She’s not alone. Thousands, perhaps millions of women struggle with circumstances that keep them bound, tied with cords of bondage. The Psalmist admits, “The cords of death entangled me.” Psalm 18:4

As Christian women we are caught in a paradox — having salvation from Jesus Christ, yet still living in the brokenness of our soul, bound with deadly cords that choke life and freedom from us. Is this state of existence what Jesus had in mind when he said he came to give us life and that more abundantly? I don’t think so.

I answered her email that sobering day, by saying YES. There really is freedom. There really is liberty and release from the wounds of the past. There is deliverance, because there really is a deliverer, a freedom fighter. One who gave his very life to purchase that freedom for us…Jesus Christ.

I know the answer to be true, not just because God’s Word assures us of freedom — that’s the first and most important reason — but also because I’ve experienced it. I know what it’s like to be bound. I remember the dark days I wondered if there would ever be a light at the end of the tunnel — that wasn’t a freight train! Those moments were filled with despair, pain, and many sleepless nights. But I found, though sorrow may last for a night, joy does indeed come in the morning. God healed my heart as I came into His wonderful freedom. More than an emotion or favorable circumstances, God’s deliverance set me free, even in the midst of a dark storm, I found His peace.

But years later, I was once more in need of God’s freedom. Other, more intense storms gathered in my life, and eventually, my faith was shipwrecked, smashed against the rocks of betrayal. After knowing such a powerful relationship with God, I lost that intimate place with Him. Instead, I was empty, dry and cold inside.

Freedom Still Rings

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a
harness of slavery on you. Galatians 5:1 The Message

Perhaps these words ring true for you — you knew freedom at one time, you enjoyed God’s rich salvation, and you found sweet release from sin when you first surrendered your life to Him.

But that was then, at the beginning of your journey. Now sometime later, you find yourself entangled with cords that are choking the life flow of God and his peace out of your life.

How did I get here? You may wonder. How did I lose the joy of my salvation, the first love of my soul?
Maybe, just maybe, however, you know exactly what happened to turn your world upside down and throw you into the pit of despair. A tragedy, a trial, a crisis left you feeing ravaged in soul, angry and defeated. Nothing is easy, nothing enjoyable.

Life has battered you around and the freedom you once knew is no longer a reality. Has God withdrawn his blessing? Have you been disqualified from living the abundant life Jesus came to give us?

Not at all.

How ever you got here, you can start your journey back to freedom by admitting that the life you’re living is anything but free. It’s been costly and you’re done paying. Become aware that God has better in-store for you.
Next, make a decision. Will I get up again and live? Or will I remain a powerless victim of life’s cruelty? If, you’re ready to get back up, then you will immediately face the challenge of how. How do I get back in the game; how can I run my race?

God’s Word has the answers. We will experience those answers as we gather together at the Freedom Girls Sisterhood Conference!

You’re ready for the Freedom that Jesus came to give — more specifically, the freedom He died to give. It’s time for a breakthrough.

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