Today the water-softener repairman came to the house. He told me all our filters are clogged. We have an iron build-up, and rust and iron are spitting into the water faucets. No wonder my laundry is so dull; it now makes perfect sense—the pure flow of water is obstructed. As a result, iron-colored water is infiltrating my wash and ruining my clothes. I’m not just being a domestic dropout, there’s a reason for my red-tinted tee-shirts.

It’s kind of like that after abuse. Sometimes our filters are clogged. Abuse has impaired the pure flow of reasoning, and it clogs, even colors our thoughts. Everyone has trouble now and then seeing the truth clearly, but we survivors are filled with distortions and false-beliefs. The one who said he was trustworthy became an assailant. Words that convinced us to build trust, crashed down around us in broken rubble.

The acute psychological wound from sexual assault distorts thought-filters. If left unchecked, distortions can take over where abuse left off—assaulting the mind. Lies and mis-beliefs will tint how we see the world, and devastate our lives. But like my clogged filters in the water-softener, there’s a reason we survivors struggle in our thoughts. Getting to the source of the problem can help unclog those filters and allow truth to flow into our minds and hearts. The infiltration of negative, distorted thoughts can be caught, instead of coloring your perspective.

Have you ever detected a clog in your mental-filter?

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