Bring It!

Bring It!

Bring It!

“Bring back the sun.” said the security guard at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. I smiled and said, “I will!” I was off to Arizona and when you live in Michigan, (otherwise known as the frozen tundra) any trip to warmer weather brings an envious response from those left behind. Winters are long and brutal—we hunger for the sunshine.

My smile lingered as I walk down the jet way and boarded the plane. Of course, I can’t really bring back the sunshine. That’s silly. No one actually believes sunshine can be transported. I may be influential but I don’t have that kind of power. I giggled at her funny comment.

Yet, I ponder that little social nicety, and determine that we say it because:

  1. We believe there is sunshine somewhere and we need it.
  2. We believe people can help us in brining the sun.
  3. We believe that sunshine will change our situation.

Okay, so maybe I’m over-thinking. But I’m on a plane and have nothing else to do. So, here’s the deal.

What if we really could bring people sunshine?

I think we can.

You’re probably already on to me, but what if we were carriers of Sonshine?

What if you and I were filled with the love of Jesus, the Son of God and we could shed the warmth of his love on the people we come in contact with?

I think we would change the world.

Change the World in 3 Ways

  1. We would show God’s love, that there really is Sonshine. God is real—his love exists. His power to warm our lives and fill our souls drives away the clouds that surround a life without God.
  2. We would share good works. We’d become the extension of Jesus—his hands, his feet, his heart for a hurting world. When we bring the Sonshine to the cold-heart, we melt away the pain, the frozen cynicism, and the jaded edged scars so many have because of life’s disappointments.
  3. We would shine the light on the darkened path. We’d reveal that when God comes into our lives, He shows us the way, no more bumping around in the shadows. Our lives change as walk His path of victory.

So will you do it? Will you bring the Sonshine?

In what ways  can you show, share and shine?

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