Dawn Scott (Jones) Damon is a survivor who has been sharing her testimony for more than twenty years. Her past challenges have deepened and enriched her ministry, enabling her to truly understand and relate to what others are going through. Dawn is an ordained minister with the Wesleyan Church and has served in a variety of leadership and ministry roles. National Speaker, Pastor, Author, Conference Founder and the creator of numerous audio teaching products, Dawn lives in Michigan.

Pastor Dawn is prepared to speak on any topic or theme you may request. Listed is just a sampling of some of the most requested topics:

Overcoming Abuse— This is an honest, authentic look at the devastation of childhood sexual abuse from a survivor’s perspective and the power of God’s healing journey.

Dream Again and Live Your PurposeLessons from the Story of Joseph in Genesis 37
Have you lost your dream? Rediscover your God-given dream in these lessons.

Victim No More Lessons from James 1: Overcoming Testings and Trials
Have you been beat down by life’s circumstances? God has only one goal in mind for you, victory!

Walking in Freedom– Lessons from John 8:32
Freedom comes when we know Jesus and the truth of His Word. There we discover that Freedom is ours because of the work of Christ. In this teaching, we learn to claim freedom, break yokes of bondage, unmask Satan’s lies and then walk in freedom.

Overcoming a Wilderness Mind-setLessons from the Israelites Journey in Exodus
Defeating the wilderness mind-set is possible. Overcome discouragement, negative thoughts, and slave mentalities by changing your patterns of thinking.

The PotterLessons of the Potter from Jeremiah 18
You are the clay in the Potter’s hands and he is making you into the chosen vessel as has been designed for you. Through breaking, shaping, and re-making of the vessel, you will become all He has purposed for you!


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You’ve carried scars long enough. It’s time to shed the layers of pain that hold you captive and find freedom and healing.

In When the Woman Abused Was You, author, pastor, and survivor Dawn Scott Damon openly shares from her own abuse experience and serves as a guide to help you make your way through the arduous healing journey. With raw and honest transparency, Dawn helps you take the necessary steps that will lead you to your own powerful breakthrough and personal healing encounter.

Experience new freedom you never thought possible. The journey may be difficult—even exhausting—but you’ll find reward and fulfillment as you transform into a confident, fulfilled, and overcoming woman.



The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 80 percent of childhood abuse victims later suffer from at least one abuse-induced psychological disorder. It’s proven that the effects of childhood abuse follow women into adulthood. Yet few men are prepared to deal with those effects, even when their own wife is the one who is suffering. And their wife’s suffering becomes their own suffering as their needs aren’t being met by a wife who is powerless to control her inner turmoil.

Author, pastor, and survivor Dawn Scott (Jones) Damon candidly shares her own abuse experience to help husbands understand the varied emotions, fears, distorted thoughts, and triggers that hold their wives captive. In practical and accessible language, Damon explains the stages of the healing journey (processing denial, asking for help, grieving, expressing anger, learning to forgive, and finding resolution). Building on that knowledge, Damon then moves to an honest discussion of what husbands can do to help. Whether it’s creating a healing environment, understanding the need for control, building trust, or even just praying for healing, a husband plays an active role in helping his wife survive and thrive despite her past abuse.

Offering hope for a healthy marriage relationship, answers the questions men have and offers the advice they need to help their wives finally find peace.

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It’s time to Dream Again

In the Bible, a man named Joseph was given a dream from God. But before his dream could come to pass, he faced ridicule, sabotage, and other nasty "dream thieves." Like Joseph, you may have a dream inside of you from the Lord. In this teaching, you will learn to face the obstacles every dreamer goes through, and how to overcome!

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